Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Things That Make Me Happy

clean sheets
smiling children
lovely weather
open windows
the smell of dirt
tomato plants
spending time with family

Friday, April 22, 2011

Li'l Bird for Sweetpea

I found this great book called Cuddly Crochet by Stacey Trock.  In it, she has patterns for the cutest little stuffed animal creations for your little one.  I made this for Sweetpea:

Isn't it the cutest little bird you've ever seen!?!?  It measures about 5 inches tall.  I changed the color from blue to green, used a cotton worsted weight yarn, and is stuffed with bamboo stuffing I found at JoAnn's.

I did learn some things, though, for when I make more of them.  The first, and probably most important, is to keep your stitches as tight as possible.  In some places, you can see the stuffing through my stitches.  The second is to be more careful about how I attach the wings so they are symmetric - not lop-sided as mine are.  But, I know that Sweetpea will love it!  And I think it turned out pretty darn cute!  And that's what matters!

Happy Earth Day everyone! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zippered Coin Pouches

Today, I made zippered coin pouches for Munch and Boy.  Can you guess which is who's?!?!?  Sweetpea will get a different special mama made item in her basket this weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be done with that tonight and can show you tomorrow.

The pouches are nothing fancy, just lined zippered pouches that measure about 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep.

I did some fussy cutting for Boy's so that the space ships would be front and center.  Then I messed up the stitching at the zipper.  Oh well...  He won't care.  He is my biggest fan.

The periwinkle are blooming!  I love those.  They remind me of my Grandpa.  He had a small city lot that had a big hill that took up all but 3 feet of the front yard.  On it, he grew periwinkle.  He taught me how to propagate it by burying parts of the runners.  He also had a small, but productive, veggie garden behind his garage.  I was never allowed in it, but i watched as he gardened behind the little white picket fence. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Around the House

Here are some little bits of spring you can find floating about our house...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy's Pants

I made Boy's pants yesterday.  Since Boy is now 7, I was debating whether or not I needed to try a zipper and button pants, or if I could still get away with elastic waistband pants.  I've never done a pair of pants with a zipper and a snap/button.  I was terribly intimidated!!  So, I opted for something in between - flat front/elastic back.

(Funny the difference between him modeling and Sweetpea modeling!!!)

The material was in a hand-me-down bag of material.  I have no idea what it is, except that it is woven and unravels fast!!!  I did some super duper things to the seams to keep them from unraveling.  On the inner leg seams and the seam from the front to the back, i double stitched, zigzagged, and then top stitched the seam down to one side.  On the side seams, I just stitched and zigzagged. 

The pattern was just a basic pant pattern (actually a pj pant).  I only put elastic on the back waist.

I double top stitched the front waist for something interesting.

Boy loves them, and would be wearing them every day from now till they rip apart if I let him.  But they are for our Sunday family gatherings.  He really is my biggest fan!!  (Today, he came home from Breakfast with Grandpa, noticed that I cleaned all the mud he left on the floor on his way out, and said "Mom!  I don't know anyone who cleans as well as you do!!!"  You gotta love that.)

Finally, he starts to loosen up in front of the camera...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trying to Stay Organized

There are a lot of things happening here - out of the ordinary things, and ordinary things.  I have been trying to keep myself both motivated and organized. The weather has been nice spring weather (except for the horrible wind we had all day yesterday).  With weather like that, it's easier to be motivated.

Easter is coming up.  I still have to make a pair of pants for Boy (been on my list for quite some time now), and a dress for Munch.  There are some little things I'd like to finish up before Sunday as well.

It is the time for gardening.  Seedlings have been started.  Spinach and onions are growing in the garden.  Lettuce, greens, and more onions need to be sown outdoors.  Annual flowers need to be sown indoors.  I still have 4 pepper plants to up pot.  Yeah, only 4!  Why did I not do those when I did the other 40?  I don't have any idea.

The chives are growing strong now.  Thankfully.  I've been out of storage onions for over 2 weeks now.  Yikes!

I will have to do a good job sticking to my list this week.  I tend to let other things interfere with my list.  Usually.  Not always.  If I have a major focus, I am majorly focused. It's going to be a good week for inside things - chilly and rainy.

Boy's pants (for sure)
Munch's dress
little crocheted bird
2 little zippered money pouches
start the annual flowers and herbs

That should prepare us for next Sunday.  Fingers crossed, and off to clean off my sewing table!

Happy Monday to you all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Useless Fact About Me - #4

I just noticed that my last post was my 144th post.  That number excites me!  12x12.  Or a gross.  I'm a numbers gal... numbers and patterns. 

Course, I just ruined the gross of posts by posting about the gross of posts.  Oh well.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Useless Fact About Me - #3

I love mahjong! my mother before me...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The List Keeps Getting Longer and Longer

But, somehow, with the weather starting to actually be springy, I don't mind as much.  Last week, I did not do so well with my list.  We had many visitors and many outings that pushed the list right out of my mind.  Who wouldn't much rather hang around with people that make you happy than clean out the cupboards?!?!  So, some things got half done, and some things fell off the list all together.  Not a big deal.  We'll just put them on the list again...

This Week:
up pot peppers
start tomatoes
finish cleaning out the pantry (got half way done with this one!)
sew Boy's pants
start lettuce
finish raking the front yard (no, I didn't do that in the fall...)

That's probably enough to add to my regular days.  It's going to be a rainy week this week.  Ahhhh, April.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Useless Fact About Me - #1

My favorite writing implement is a .5 mechanical pencil.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Therapy

On Sunday, we worked in the garden for the first time this year.  I love the smell of fresh spring dirt.  Just one whiff of it, and aaaahhhhhhh...  That's where I want to be.  It's a wonderful tonic for the soul.  We planted peas and spinach.  Sweetpea and Boy both got in the action.  Munch has decided she no longer wants to garden.  Bummer. 

Today, there is a nice drizzle floating down feeding the seeds until they become so swollen they burst open with life. 

Since it's raining, we are getting some much needed housework accomplished.  I have designs on a spring dress for Munch, and a pair of pants for Boy.  I need to look for a pants pattern.  I've only ever made pj pants.  Boy, being 7, is beyond the elastic waistband style pants.

In an effort to remain organized through this crazy season, I've decided to try to do a weekly list of things that I'd like to get done.  I would like to be aggressive in my planning, but realistic.  (Think that's possible?)  So, here's the list for this week...

start tomato seeds
start lettuce seeds
find a pattern for Boy's pants
clean out the pantry
spring clean the kitchen

Ok.  There it is.  Just a list of some projects to be included in my normal day to day schedule.  If I can get those done, I will be happy.  But, I won't hold my breath.  :o)

Happy Monday.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sweetpea's Spring Dress (Finally done!)

Remember waaaaay back when I showed you a sneak peak of my "next" project?  It's finally done.

Presenting...  Sweetpea's Spring Dress (drum roll, please.)

I used the same pattern I used for the dress I made her for her 3rd birthday last July, Simplicity's pattern 2432, which I blogged about here.  The adorable orange material with apples and daisies was given to me in a hand-me-down material bag, as was the white linen I used for the lining.  The green striped cotton was from my stash (keeping with the "Use What I Have" theme for the year). 

I had intended to try the addition of little puffy white sleeves.  But in the end, I was not brave enough to attempt an alteration like that.  I had visions of little puffy white sleeves sticking out of the armholes and a little white apron tied around the waist.  Didn't happen.  It's probably just as well.  White.  On Sweetpea.  Hahahahhah!

I seem to have trouble with zippers on garments.  Specifically, trouble matching up one side with the other.  This time, I broke down and bought a fabric glue stick to temporarily fix the zipper to the dress.  Pinning just doesn't cut it for me.  I end up getting so frustrated and wanting to recycle my machine.  It was the best $3 I've spent.  Recently, that is.  I had never used it before, so I was quite skeptical.  But desperate times call for less that desperate measures sometimes.  Next time, I'll have to use a bit more than I used this time to make sure I cover the entire zipper area really thoroughly with glue.  I think that will make it hold better.

I also had never done an applique before.

I thought the skirt could do with something to pull it together more completely with the top.  So I added a couple of cute appliques and some ricrack (which, incidentally, I also had never used before).

Sweetpea loves it.

And she enjoyed modeling it.

I love when stuff I make for the kids makes them so happy.  She didn't want to take it off...

Happy April 1st to you!!