Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zippered Coin Pouches

Today, I made zippered coin pouches for Munch and Boy.  Can you guess which is who's?!?!?  Sweetpea will get a different special mama made item in her basket this weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be done with that tonight and can show you tomorrow.

The pouches are nothing fancy, just lined zippered pouches that measure about 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep.

I did some fussy cutting for Boy's so that the space ships would be front and center.  Then I messed up the stitching at the zipper.  Oh well...  He won't care.  He is my biggest fan.

The periwinkle are blooming!  I love those.  They remind me of my Grandpa.  He had a small city lot that had a big hill that took up all but 3 feet of the front yard.  On it, he grew periwinkle.  He taught me how to propagate it by burying parts of the runners.  He also had a small, but productive, veggie garden behind his garage.  I was never allowed in it, but i watched as he gardened behind the little white picket fence. 

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