Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy's Pants

I made Boy's pants yesterday.  Since Boy is now 7, I was debating whether or not I needed to try a zipper and button pants, or if I could still get away with elastic waistband pants.  I've never done a pair of pants with a zipper and a snap/button.  I was terribly intimidated!!  So, I opted for something in between - flat front/elastic back.

(Funny the difference between him modeling and Sweetpea modeling!!!)

The material was in a hand-me-down bag of material.  I have no idea what it is, except that it is woven and unravels fast!!!  I did some super duper things to the seams to keep them from unraveling.  On the inner leg seams and the seam from the front to the back, i double stitched, zigzagged, and then top stitched the seam down to one side.  On the side seams, I just stitched and zigzagged. 

The pattern was just a basic pant pattern (actually a pj pant).  I only put elastic on the back waist.

I double top stitched the front waist for something interesting.

Boy loves them, and would be wearing them every day from now till they rip apart if I let him.  But they are for our Sunday family gatherings.  He really is my biggest fan!!  (Today, he came home from Breakfast with Grandpa, noticed that I cleaned all the mud he left on the floor on his way out, and said "Mom!  I don't know anyone who cleans as well as you do!!!"  You gotta love that.)

Finally, he starts to loosen up in front of the camera...


Zonnah said...

I bet that makes you feel good that he loves them :) Great job!

bezmommy1 said...

The pants look great! And nothing beats an enthusiastic recipient :)