Monday, April 18, 2011

Trying to Stay Organized

There are a lot of things happening here - out of the ordinary things, and ordinary things.  I have been trying to keep myself both motivated and organized. The weather has been nice spring weather (except for the horrible wind we had all day yesterday).  With weather like that, it's easier to be motivated.

Easter is coming up.  I still have to make a pair of pants for Boy (been on my list for quite some time now), and a dress for Munch.  There are some little things I'd like to finish up before Sunday as well.

It is the time for gardening.  Seedlings have been started.  Spinach and onions are growing in the garden.  Lettuce, greens, and more onions need to be sown outdoors.  Annual flowers need to be sown indoors.  I still have 4 pepper plants to up pot.  Yeah, only 4!  Why did I not do those when I did the other 40?  I don't have any idea.

The chives are growing strong now.  Thankfully.  I've been out of storage onions for over 2 weeks now.  Yikes!

I will have to do a good job sticking to my list this week.  I tend to let other things interfere with my list.  Usually.  Not always.  If I have a major focus, I am majorly focused. It's going to be a good week for inside things - chilly and rainy.

Boy's pants (for sure)
Munch's dress
little crocheted bird
2 little zippered money pouches
start the annual flowers and herbs

That should prepare us for next Sunday.  Fingers crossed, and off to clean off my sewing table!

Happy Monday to you all.

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