Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Shawl!!!

I've been working on a shawl for myself since before Christmas.  But, it got shoved to the back burner in favor of the presents I was making for others.  I finished it a couple nights ago!!!!  I used the Old Fashioned Shawl pattern found on Ravelry.

The finished triangular shawl measures about 83 inches across the top, and about 47 inches from the center of the top to the point.  Big!!!  I used Mission Falls 1824 100% cotton yarn in truffle.  This yarn has a strand wound around the whole thing (for which there is probably some technical name)  That makes it look super cool (in my opinion) using an open stitch like the one used for this shawl.

The pattern itself is fairly simple to follow.  It grows quickly in a triangular shape, so it would be easy to modify the size.  I left off the fringe, so I actually used less yarn than specified - about 925 yards.

It's very warm despite the lacy design.  I know this because I've had it wrapped around my shoulders nearly constantly since I've finished it.

We've also been playing host to a local car racing team.

Construction for our track commenced (and was completed) last night.  Racers practiced and raced and practiced and raced in 5 minute increments until bedtime.

Unfortunately, not before a tragedy struck when a car careened off the tracks and into the stands of a poor innocent fan.

The fan (seen in the picture above) has been treated for minor injuries and released.  He will be just fine.  But there is no saying when construction for new bleachers will take place. 

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