Friday, January 28, 2011


I love buttons!  They have some really super duper cool buttons available.  Munch and I went to the store to pick out buttons for one of her projects a while back, and I came home with these:

In the corner of this pic, you can see the front of one of the small pillows I am still working on.  I cut squares to make a 3x4 grid for the front of the pillows.  But, I somehow (read impatient laziness) sewed it in such a way that all of the corners did not line up evenly.  My fix for this?  Nooo, not ripping seams and starting over (although I did consider this for a mere 30 seconds before moving on).  Yes, buttons.  Buttons will be my fix.

I know, I know.  Buttons on a pillow is not necessarily something you want.  But, how cute and fun are these buttons?!?!  I want to look at them everyday.  And if they are on a pillow sitting on my couch, I can!

Now all I have to do is get my act together and finish one this pillow.   Then I can move on to the next pillow.  I have finally broken down and ordered (and received) a rotary cutter and self healing mat.  I'm so looking forward to using them.  I totally splurged and got the Gingher cutter and mat.  Perhaps the next pillow will come together in all straight corners.  Or perhaps I'll just scrap all the little squares I've already cut and do something completely different.  Not sure yet. 

Decisions.  Decisions.  How I loath decisions.

(See that itty bitty piece of yarn?  It's from my lovely and completed shawl!!!)

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