Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boy's Hat and Scarf Set

I've finished up Boy's hat and scarf for Christmas.  The hat took a bit longer than I expected, but I love the way it turned out.  (Many thanks to my extremely patient pumpkin model who did not squirm, fidget, or complain even once!)

I found this pattern in Crocheted Gifts by Kim Werker.  I absolutely love this book and have made several things from it.  This hat is made with 100% cotton worsted weight yarn from Universal Yarn Inc. in brown.  Aside from using a worsted weight instead of a sport weight, I followed the pattern to a tee.  Check this out:

I love it!!!!  It looks like it might be tricky, but it's really very simple.  Clever.  Boxy.  Hat Squared - that's it's name.  It's really sized for a man's head, but I figured that way, Boy will just grow into it and be able to wear it as long as it lasts.  He has a rather large head anyway for a 6 year old.

I did not really follow a pattern for the scarf. 

It's really just a series of small shells [sc ch 2 sc] - 7 in a row - with a hdc at the end.  I used all 100% cotton worsted weight yarn for this as well - brown and beige from Universal Yarn Inc. and envy heather (green) from Simply Cotton (which, by the way, uses organic cotton).  I started out doing stripes whenever the spirit moved me, and then ended up with this as a finished product.  The scarf is about 4 feet long and somewhere around 5 inches wide - perfect for a small boy.

So, I've finished Sweetpea's and Boy's.  I've finished with Munch's hat and started her scarf last night.  I really need to stop crocheting at a reasonable hour and get my rear to bed.  I don't do well with not enough sleep, so although I am enjoying working on these gifts for my kids, I really need to sleep so that during the day i can enjoy them as well.

What are you working on for Christmas?!


Jessie said...

Love it! Especially the hat is super cool...even the name is awesome.

alayne said...

Jessie, from one geek to another, I knew you would like that name!!!