Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slowing Down

Christmas has come and gone.  And after having the stomach flu, I'm taking some time to just slow down and relax.  We had a fun holiday week filled with family, friends, good food, and great fun. 

I finished up some last minute gifts at the, well... last minute.  One was for my parents, who asked for someone they know who sews to make them a door snake for their drafty door.  Guess who that was?!?!?!  So, I searched the net and found this tutorial which I loved and had fun both reading and following.  Here's my completed version:

I used some fun heart fabric that I found in a hand-me-down bag (I love those!).  The fabric grew and grew on my until I was inspired to make this whimsical door knob hanger to go with it.

I also finished up my handmade gift to my KK - a twine bag and 3 organic cotton washcloths. 

The kids loved their pj pants and scarf/hat sets.  Which, of course, pleased me tremendously.  :o)

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!!

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