Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowman Garland

Today, we made snowman garland.  I got the idea from a Family Fun book at the library, but decided to change some things to suit my preferences.  For one, the original craft called for craft foam.  But I don't care for craft foam, so I opted for stiffened felt (which can be purchased at any decent craft store) instead. 

Using glasses, we started off cutting the felt into 2 different sized snowmen.

Then we went to town using every thinkable thing to decorate our snowmen - googly eyes, snowflakes, puff balls, felt for hats, fabric for scarves and hats, bells, ribbon, etc.

We used an all purpose craft glue to stick everything on, but I'd have to say, next time (if there was such a time) I would definitely be using something stronger like hot glue or a fabric glue.  Lots and lots of our little items fell off to everyone's dismay.

We kept all the little craft items organized by using saucers.  You could use little take out dressing cups or little bowls instead if that's what you've got.  But it's helpful for keeping down messes and for easier cleanup.

All in all, we had a grand time, and our little creations turned out rather cute.

After they dried, I punched holes where the arms would be.

Using a tapestry needle, I threaded ribbon into the front of the left side, around the back, and out on the right side.

But, in hanging them, I realized that they were top heavy and tended to flip over.  Not very good unless you want a string of snowmen standing on their heads.  To fix this, I just made sure they were all leaning against the wall - not dangling in space.

If you want them to hang freely in space, you may want to consider weighting them somehow.  I tried to think of something quick and easy, but frankly, I was done with the project.  So, my fix by leaning them all on the wall was perfect for me!

What sorts of things are you making for Christmas this year?

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