Monday, November 8, 2010

Did You Clean Your Room Yet?!?!

The sun is shining today.  And the temps are in the low 50s.  I am beginning to clean the house for Munch's birthday dinner in 2 weeks.  Each time we have a birthday dinner, I clean the house from top to bottom.  Week 1 - the upstairs.  Week 2 - the downstairs.  I'm on Week 1 and the upstairs this week.  And to kick it off, I decided to do my own room first. 

The cobwebs are gone.
The dust is nearly gone.
The window is open to let in all the fresh and lovely air from outside.
The bed linens will soon be freshly laundered and nicely smoothed out on my bed (one of my favorite things in the whole world).

In a couple hours, that space will be all clean and fresh.  Everything will be organized and in it's place.  A few things will be purged.  I am trying to find a place to squeeze the rocker Nick bought for me to nurse my babies in.  I no longer need it for nursing.  And it's just taking up too much space in the girls room.  I want to put it in front of the window so I can sit there and rock and crochet.  For peace.  For me. 

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