Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer's Simple Things - Nature Bags

For Christmas last year, I put together nature bags as a gift for each of my kids.  The kids love them.  When you put together a bag for exploring nature, you should keep a few things in mind, such as the child's age, how much you think they can comfortably carry, and what they like to do outside.  You can put in some basic supplies (I had soooo much fun doing this) and then let them add to or remove things according to their whims.

Munch's bag (she's 10) looks like this.

I used an old field bag we acquired from someone.  It has lots and lots of great pockets (I love pockets!).  She has some Peterson's fields guides for birds, wildflowers, and caterpillars (I highly recommend Peterson's, they are wonderful!), an animal tracks pamphlet, compass, see through ruler, colored pencils, magnifying glass, notebook, regular pencil and eraser, water bottle, bandaids, alcohol wipes, and an orange carabiner. 

Boy's (who is 6) changes daily.  Right now his looks like this.

For his, I used an old newspaper bag and relined the inside with canvas so I could add in lots of cool pockets.  His has a couple field guides for trees and insects, a magnifying glass, compass, notebooks, colored pencils, a water bottle, and ... ahem... some plastic dinosaurs.  All the important stuff for my fun loving 6 year old!

My littlest Sweetpea rarely carries hers, unless she is wanting to be like one of her older siblings.  But her's (she'll be 3 on Friday) looks like this.

Just the basics for her - a notebook and fun monkey pencil, a magnifying glass, and a hanky.  I made her bag out of the bottom of a ripped up pair of girls jeans and braided shoe laces for the handle.

I tuck in a granola bar or a container full of nuts when they are heading out the door.

Join Kim for some more summer time stuff and her Summer's Simple Things series!!!


inadvertent farmer said...

Brilliant...seriously those are cool! I'm going to make a mental not of this for Christmas, thanks! Kim

alayne said...

Thanks, Kim. So glad you like them. I had soooooo much fun filling them up! Probably more fun than the kids have playing with them now.