Friday, July 23, 2010

Hopscotch Bean Bags

My niece, who is 7, has decided she wants to learn how to sew.  I was asked to give them.  So, (sew...) she came over this morning to have her very first lesson.  I picked up some fun starter supplies, which she was very excited about.

Just the basic supplies - needles (colorful and larger for smaller hands), thread, a seam ripper, scissors, a needle threader (that is the technical name, I think) , and some fun butterfly pins. 

For our first lesson, we made hopscotch bean bags.  They are simple and fun to make.  What little girl wouldn't love to have her very own made-by-her hopscotch bean bag!?!

She did a fabulous job!  She picked her own material from my stash, and we cut 2 3-inch square pieces from it.  Slapped them together.  And hand sewed them, leaving a small gap for turning.

Munch got in on the lesson, too.

After we turned them right side out, we filled them with lentils, and stitched the hole closed.  They each made one completely by themselves!

I think they turned out pretty great!  Then they drew pictures of the purses they want to make for next time.

Sweetpea decided that she wanted to take some pictures too.

With her brother's binoculars.  "CHHH."

"mi-wwlllll!"  (translation:  smile.)

Yogurt face...

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inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my Miss Yogurt Face is just adorable!

Great job on the beanbags girls! Kim