Friday, July 16, 2010

Breakfast!!! Mmmmm..... (and Peek-a-Boo Eggs recipe)

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!  Although I am typically a toast girl, I love finding new and fun breakfast ideas.  In our house we eat a lot of toast from homemade bread for breakfast - topped with Earth Balance, nut butter and jelly, nut butter and fresh fruit, or (my absolute favorite when it's in season) tomatoes (I sooo can NOT wait till the first fresh tomato).

But we also branch out and enjoy smoothies.  Mostly I make all fruit smoothies.  Sometimes I get wild and add in some yogurt.

My good friend, Ann's (check her out at Thought Herder), homemade yogurt with maple syrup and fresh berries.

Graham crackers and peanut butter.

And a favorite - peek-a-boo eggs.  My mom made them for us when we were growing up.  Only at that time we called them hole-in-one eggs.  When I started making them for my kids, we changed the name to peek-a-boo eggs, well...  for obvious reasons.  They are such a simple treat.

Take a large piece of bread, butter it on both sides, and cut a hole out of the middle with a glass or some other appropriate thing (like a cookie cutter!).

Put the bread in a skillet with a dab of butter in the hole.  Drop in an egg.

Cook it for a bit, then flip it over.  When both sides are done, and the egg is just as you want it, put it on a plate.  Toast the "hole" in the pan, too.  Like country toast...


Eat it gracefully, with fork and knife.

Till it's all gone.

Lick fingers.  Mmmmmm... 

Some other things we enjoy for breakfast:
muffins (my blueberry muffin recipe is here)
coconut mango rice
applesauce snackcake

What do you like to eat for breakfast?!

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