Monday, February 7, 2011

What's So Good About Winter?

The winter blues are starting to catch up to me.  Here in NE Ohio, we have more cloudy days than we don't have.  The sun rarely pokes out, and when it does, it's often too cold to spend much time outside soaking it up.  I have been trying (and succeeding) to get enough exercise.  But, nevertheless, the blues have crept up on me.  So, today I thought I'd list some of my favorite things about winter in the hopes that it will carry me through until the end of March.

Here it goes...

1.  Hot chocolate.  That truly is number 1 on my list.
2.  Recuperation.  Winter is the time where we can allow our bodies and minds to decompress and relax.  There is a tremendous amount of activity involved in spring, summer, and fall.  After all is said and done, winter is like a nap.  A chance to rest up.
3.  The snow is rather pretty.  Especially when it sticks to the trees and the tree trunks.  Of course, once the air dries up, that doesn't happen anymore.  (Oops.  I'm trying to remain positive here...)
4.  Quiet activities.  Since there is less to do outside, there is more time for the quiet things you can do while sitting under a blanket - like reading or crocheting or planning the garden.
5.  Purging.  Winter is the perfect time to purge your house.  Out, out, out with the old!  And if you can keep from bringing in too much new, you've got it made!
6.  Leaning something new.  Since we have more time, it makes perfect sense to spend some of it leaning something new, or fine tuning your skills at something old.  Last year at this time, I taught myself how to crochet.  This year, I'm just trying to learn some new crocheting and sewing techniques.
7.  Nature's Control.  The frozen solid ground helps keep nasty gardening bugs and diseases from getting out of hand.

There.  That was a good exercise in focusing on some positives.  I somehow managed to get 7 of them thought of and written before I had to practice my patience.

Currently, I am working on several projects.  I'm at the beginning of a crocheted scarf for myself made out of this lovely bamboo silk yarn.  I'm nearly done with Munch's skirt - but I'm having some difficulty with the hem.  Blahhhhk.  Boy's quilt has been designed, the material for the back has been purchased, and I'm ready to start cutting.  I have 3 good books to read - The Eight by Katherine Neville, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and I had Nick dig out my history of math book from my college days.  And I borrowed the newest Planet of the Apes movie from my parents to watch.  Lots to keep me busy and focused.

What do you like about winter?  What keeps you going strong throughout this season?

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