Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer's Simple Things - Peas

Last Tuesday, I told you about The Inadvertent Farmer's pledge for a simple summer.  Because life can always use a slow-down, I decided to join in the fun!  This week, we are all about peas!  We have been planting our peas down the center of some of our tomato beds.  Then the tomatoes get planted on either side of the double row of peas.  We can harvest the peas through the tomato cages until they are all tuckered out.  I love how it works out.  (Remind me to post a picture of that.  I can't seem to find a suitable one right now.)

Peas.  We have enough this year to shell bunches at a time.  Sweetpea offered her lovely services.

She was so very helpful.

I absolutely love little hands doing work like this.  Well, just little hands in general, but especially shelling peas!

Who can think of a more perfect helper!?

Take time to enjoy the peas!

1 comment:

inadvertent farmer said...

The only thing better than freshly shelled peas are those shelled by such sweet little hands! Thanks for joining the simple fun.

I'll be looking for your picture of your peas and tomatoes growing together...that is a combination I have not tried. Kim