Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy Bees

We have been quite busy as of late.  Our garden has been getting lots of lovin', but not enough yet.  Is it ever really enough?!  But, I LOVE my garden.  Absolutely love it!!  And sometimes I actually photograph it.  These pics are from last year, but are the essence of the way my garden grows every year...

Welcome to my garden.  This is the gate my brother in law made for us.  It needed a bit of work this year, so I'll have a new and improved gate picture coming soon.

I like to have a space in the garden to cool off, relax, and enjoy the garden goodies.

For the last 5 or so years, we've been incorporating more companion planting into the mix.  Here you can see my tomatoes planted with cosmos and basil.  And in the background you will find calendula, onions, and cabbage.

Some lively flowers to brighten things up.  (See that bench?  There is another just like it and a smaller one in the garden.  I want to paint them this year.  I'm thinking a bright magenta or raspberry color.)

And attract beneficial insects.

Mama....  Where are you?  No more pictures, please.

This year, I made us a picnic quilt so we can lounge around the garden even more.  I used this old fleecy blanket as the middle layer, fun new fat eighth rolls that I could not pass up while waiting in line at Joann's, and vintage material from the 70's my mom gave me when she moved from her house to an apartment.  Fun stuff, I tell you.

We don't have enough sunlight in our yard to garden where we live.  So we usually pack up and make an afternoon of it, if not a whole day.  Now the kids have even more places to hang out when they get tired of caring for their plants.


Ann said...

The photo of your picnic quilt is just luminous. It almost looks like you could put it in your backyard and it would make up for all that shade by being a tiny sun.

alayne said...

What a lovely thing to say!! Thank you!!