Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch's Brew

I have been away.  First I went on my sister's trip to the wonderful world of Harry Potter down in Orlando, FL.  (We had a stupendous time, by the way!!!!!!)  When I got home, I had 2 days to prepare for our trip to beautiful Cook Forest in Pennsylvania.  We had a great time there too (pics to come later).

While I was away having a great time with my sisters in a Harry Potter dream world (yes, I am a tremendous HP fan), Nick and the kids brewed up all kinds of mischief.

Without me there to stop them, the four of them decorated the house with Halloween decorations.  That meant our holiday cauldrons (not to be confused with our everyday cauldrons) came out of storage.  And what else do you do with the holiday cauldrons?!?!?  You make witch's brew, of course.

Special ingredients were acquired.

Nothing but the organic best for our little witches.

The ingredients were carefully measured.

And mixed.

Other secret ingredients were added according to the whim of the witches.

YIKES!!!!  An intruder!!!!  Be gone!  Or you will be pricked with this poisonous spear...

The potions were carefully stirred and watched over all weekend.

Finally, everything was ready.

Would you like a taste?

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