Friday, October 8, 2010

More Carving

This truly is one of my favorite fun and creative projects for this time of year.  We had another pumpkin carving session last night for our party this weekend.

I think our kids have just as much fun with it as I do!!

Who let him handle the battery powered pumpkin knife!?!?!  Yike (as Boy, himself, would say - singular - as if the situation only calls for one slight bit of panic)!!  (Oh, and that's a small glimpse of yours truly right there.  Can't believe I'm putting this out there...)

Sweetpea used her creative spark to come up with a new way of decorating pumpkins involving push pins.

Cool design!!

Here's Nick - deep in concentration.

One pumpkin in my totem pole needed replaced...

Hopefully, we can have one more pumpkin carving session before Halloween actually arrives.  Today, I have 3 sick children, some paperwork, laundry, onions, and garlic to take care of.

Wishing you all a lovely day!

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