Monday, August 9, 2010

August Blues ... and Elders

August came tip-toeing up behind me only to leave me startled and wondering what happened to summer.  Not that it's gone already.  But it is August.  For so many families, that means summer only has a few weeks left.  School will be starting.  Everyone is trying to squish what they can out of the bits of time they have left.  Over the next couple days, I'm trying to squish what I can out of the blueberries we picked over the weekend and this morning, and the elderberries my sister-in-law picked for us yesterday.  I want to make blueberry jam using the no sugar recipe in the Pamona's pectin box and elderberry jelly.  And maybe some elderberry syrup.  (Probably dreaming on that one, but why not?)

The tomatoes are starting to come in full force.  So, I expect to make our first batch of salsa at the end of the week.  I've been harvesting and freezing green beans.  We are having the best pepper harvest we have ever had.  My garlic and onions are drying and awaiting storage.

As a homeschooling mom in Ohio, it's time to start putting together our notifications.  That means deciding on our materials for the year, making sure the evaluations are in order, and putting it all together and in the mail to the Board of Education.  We are lucky in that our county is very easy going about homeschooling.

This week will be filled with canning, piecing together our homeschooling materials (even though that is flexible), and squeezing in some visits with friends and family who will be going back to school in a couple weeks.  Swimming, sleepovers, sharing meals, and just plain having fun!

What fun will you be having this week?

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