Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rambling Organization

There are thousands of things keeping us busy these last few weeks.  First, and most importantly, was the purchase of our new old farmhouse.  Now making it livable will keep us busy for months to come.  Yay!

It's finally stopped raining enough for the ground to dry up.  Bright sunny days mean lots of catch-up work outside.  There's laundry to be hung (waiting so patiently in piles and piles and piles upstairs), potting soil to be made and tomatoes to be up potted, porches to be cleaned off, garden work, seed planting, grass mowing, ...  It's easy to get overwhelmed to the point where you are just standing in the kitchen with your hands on your head, shaking.

But, I've made a list.  It's miles long, but it's a list.  Each day I put the things I think can be accomplished in between the regular schoolwork, meal making, and housekeeping.  Today, I'm making soil, soil blocks, and up potting the tomatoes.  They are pretty much screaming to get out of their little 1/2 inch blocks.  Ok, ok, ... they've been screaming for about 2 weeks now.  Tonight we will have some friends over for a music night - fondly referred to as Guitar Night here. 

Tomorrow - garden work.  It will be so very nice when we can move into our new home and have the garden right there with us!  As it is now, I have to pack us all up for the day and head over to our garden. 

Slowly, we are getting our spring selves into gear.  Soaking up the sunshine and wonderful air.  Shedding the winter blues.  Wiping away the winter grime.  Planting seeds of all sorts.

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Zonnah said...

Ditto on the laundry! It has been really rainy here as well.