Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Farm

We bought the farm!!  No, not the proverbial farm.  The farm we have been looking for for 15 years.  Our farm.  Land.  With an old farmhouse on it!  We are very excited this is finally coming together for us.  Very excited!

The house we are living in was supposed to be a temporary house.  Five years at the most.  It's been nearly 14.

There are some things we need to do in our new house before we can move in.  Luxuries like plumbing, electricity, and heating.  We plan to knock down a couple walls to make the space more usable for our family.  It's going to take a while, but we are excited for our new journey.

Plans are being thought up for what we'd like to do with our spaces.  Chickens, honeybees, fruit trees and bushes are all popping through our minds. 

As is our way, we are going to do the remodel as environmentally friendly as possible.  We've begun scouring for reclaimed fixtures and such, recycled materials, and natural things to make our home.  Hopefully, I will be able to post some ideas for you in the months to come. 

Right now, we are basking in the fact that it has finally happened!

Have a great weekend.

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Zonnah said...


I understand the only five year house thing. That was the plan for our current house and we have been here for 11 years, lol.