Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Food Challenge Update

Technically, the Real Food Challenge is drawing to a close.  There are only a few days left.  Hopefully, though, the spirit of the challenge will be carried with you as you incorporate healthier food choices into your lives. 

Our challenge has gone rather well.  In this month we have moved from prepackaged cracker and granola bar snacks to fruit, nuts, and popcorn snacks.  Breakfasts, which have always consisted of mainly real foods, but heavily (at times) supplemented with prepackaged cereal, have moved toward real foods consistently.  All this moves us one step further on the path of reducing our waste even more than we have already done. 

It's been an otherwise crazy month here.  I know, when is it not?  But this month, there have been so many heavy decisions going on, injuries, visiting family, ...  I'm looking forward to a time where I can breath an easy sigh of relief (and start exercising again).  Don't get me wrong, the changes we are working on right now are very good changes.  Stressful ones, nevertheless.  Eating simple, real foods will greatly help out in the year to come.

There are a few things I would still like to learn how to make from scratch...
Refried beans - a big staple here!  I have the beans and am ready to go.  I just have to get into a rhythm with it.
Crackers - we really like crackers.  I just don't like rolling things out with a rolling pin, so I've been putting this one off.
Granola or cereal bars - for a quick, healthy, on the go snack.  I'm going to have to try these.  They look like just what I'm looking for!

It's sunny and 28 degrees here.  At least it's sunny.  I've been so thankful for the sun lately!

Hope you all have a swell Monday.


Zonnah said...

I am glad your breakfasts are working out for you! I hate using a rolling pin too :)

alayne said...

ooohhh!! zonnah! i was just reading your comment and then scrolled down to my next post, and had a revelation! perhaps i could roll out the crackers using the pasta machine! genius? delirium? combination of both? probably...