Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Friends and Good Food Go Together

Sometimes life can get overwhelming.  It seems like there is a never ending list of things to do (and it gardening season has not even arrived in full swing yet!!!  yikes!).  It's hard to make time for yourself.  But, when you give in and remember that you deserve some time, it can be wonderfully refreshing!

We spent Saturday night making butternut squash ravioli with friends. 

To prepare ahead of time, Nick and Boy made the pasta dough which is just a fairly dry mixture of organic semolina flour and water.  I baked a squash.  Munch made salad dressing and scooped squash out of their shells.  Sweetpea "peeled" onions for me.  I washed lettuce and made an onion, garlic, and sundried tomato olive oil sauce.

After not getting our hand crank ravioli maker to actually make a proper ravioli, we switched to the old fashioned way of making them.

The filling was simply baked butternut squashed, dried parsley, and a wee bit of salt.  We drained this mixture so the filling would be less wet.

Good conversation.  Cute kids.  Lots of laughter.

And the result...


(I didn't get any pictures of the finished dish with the sauce on it.  By the time we were done making them, we were all super hungry!  Things took a little longer than we anticipated...)

'Twas truly a nice evening.

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Zonnah said...

That sounds like fun! A pasta machine is on my to buy list :)