Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer's Simple Things - Biking

I know I have said this before, but I love my bike.  I've had the same bike since i was 12.  I take to the road any time I have the opportunity.  Every Sunday, I ride for an hour or so around my husband's family property.  Just me, my bike, the road, and the countryside.  This weekend, I had the opportunity for 2 bike rides!!!!!!

Yesterday's ride was the most perfect ride.  I was feeling a bit haggard and blue when I went out.  But, as soon as I got going, those feelings lifted away and were carried off by the wind.  The wind.  That's another thing that I absolutely love.  It is strong, yet gentle.  When you ride, it wraps you in the protective strength, comforting you, speaking words of wisdom.  The wind is so worldly.  But primal at the same time.  It has swirled around this globe countless times.  It has seen so many things and people, lands and waters.  It knows.  When I ride, I let it completely surround and penetrate me.  If even a small fraction of it's great wisdom can seep into my being, then I am happy.  It was particularly windy yesterday.  And the wind had much to say.  And I listened.  But like with my 3 year old, I was only sometimes able to get the gist, the feeling, of what it was telling me.  Not the words.  But it doesn't matter.  Words are not always necessary.

I want my kids to have the same feeling when they take to their bikes.

Biking is a part of summer.

It is a part of spring.  And of fall.  And it is a large part of me.

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Whirliegig said...

I loved bicycling as a kid! My imagination soared while I rode - the places I'd visit, the people I'd see...
I hope my daughter enjoys riding as much as I did!