Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Stems

I love pumpkin stems!  They can be so cool looking.  You can play the 'cloud game' with some of the stems.  What does this one look like to you?

Looks like a dragon to me.  Or a long-necked dinosaur head.

Or a praying mantis that stuck it's finger in a light socket.

We had a great time picking pumpkins from our local organic farm yesterday.  We picked them right out of the field and hauled them back to our car.  Well, me and Boy did the heavy work.  Munch took care of a very lonesome Sweetpea - helping her walk through all the pumpkin vines and choose the perfect little pumpkins for such a perfect little pumpkin.

My husband and his sisters put on a huge Halloween party each year at the beginning of October, when the weather here in Northeastern Ohio is still nice and fairly predictable (is it really ever?).  We have been tending more toward the jack-o-lantern for decorations these last few years.  Last night we gutted lots and lots of pumpkins.  Tonight we will carve them.

Since I am way behind on my list of things to do before the party, the pics of the pumpkin gutting will have to wait to be included with the pics of the pumpkin carving - tomorrow, hopefully.  Today I have to finish sewing a hat, sew a skirt, make some pumpkin cookies, and do all the other everyday stuff that comes with being a stay at home homeschooling mom of 3 lovely, but highly energetic, children.

Till tomorrow...

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